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Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

Ideal for milder climates, Lennox heat pumps provide precise, reliable, and quietly efficient comfort. Providing year-round performance for total home comfort, air source heat pumps are a great solution for both heating and cooling—whether it's the hottest day of the summer or a blustery cold winter day. The cooling and heating efficiency of your equipment is indicated by the HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) and the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), respectively. The higher the SEER and HSPF, the more efficient the heating system—and the more money you save! To meet minimum performance standards as set by the federal government, air source heat pumps must have at least a 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF. Chances are, if your equipment is more than 15 years old, it probably has a SEER rating of 10—or below—and will likely drop in efficiency as your system ages.

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No matter if you're looking for a gas furnace or an electric furnace installation/replacement, you can count on us. We're here to see that your furnace continues to serve you for many years. We recommend an annual furnace tune–up with our team to help avoid potential emergency repairs or inferior heating performance. Call Grove Mechanical, Inc. today for your furnace needs.

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In Floor Heat

Radiant heating works by circulating water heated in a boiler to terminal points around the house. These points might be old cast iron radiators, but newer systems have more attractive and effective options such as baseboard heaters and in–floor heating. The terminal points heat up and then radiate warmth into the room, heating people and objects in it.

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It's easy to overlook, but it is an essential part of your household's daily comfort. It controls how much energy some of your major appliances use. It's the thermostat. This unobtrusive panel on the wall is the control hub for the HVAC system that circulates heating, cooling, and air throughout the rooms. The HVAC system can only be as good as the controls that operate it, so if you need to improve your thermostat, call us today at Grove Mechanical, Inc.

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Geothermal heating is the direct use of geothermal energy for heating some applications. A geothermal heat pump or ground source heat pump is a central heating and/or cooling system that transfers heat to or from the ground. It uses the earth all the time, without any intermittency, as a heat source. This design takes advantage of the moderate temperatures in the ground to boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling systems, and may be combined with solar heating to form a geosolar system with even greater efficiency. Ground source heat pumps harvest heat absorbed at the Earth's surface from solar energy.

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We carry the Heat & Glo brand for several fireplaces and inserts. Heat & Glo has created an exclusive offering of fireplaces designed to be finished right up to the doors with your favorite stone, marble, granite or tile. The result is a classic masonry look without all the fuss. And with several styles and sizes to choose from, you'll never need to worry about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Heat & Glo is the innovative leader in technology, design and safety. The Direct Vent gas inserts continue this pursuit; pushing the boundaries of where fire can go and how it can look. Enhance an existing fireplace and transform any space. Let us find that right Heat & Glo product for you.

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Using a boiler to heat your home is a great alternative to a forced-air heating system such as a furnace. Making sure you have the correct boiler system to meet your winter comfort needs means working with HVAC technicians who have experience and a commitment to the best in customer service. Grove Mechanical, Inc. can offer you assistance with any questions or problems you may have. Call us today!

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It is important to maintain your heating and cooling system. The furnace filter is not there to improve the air quality in a home. The filter does remove some particles from circulating through the ventilation system, but this is not its primary purpose. The furnace filter is in place to prevent debris from entering the furnace through the return air ducts and causing damage to the furnace's interior. The filter will eventually become clogged up with dust, lint, and other debris. When this happens, the furnace will be placed under a larger amount of strain that will create a bigger drain on power. A clogged filter also risks causing the furnace to overheat and shut off, and particles may begin to get around the edge of the filter and enter the furnace. To prevent this, we recommend you change the filter every 1 to 3 months when the furnace is running regularly.

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